3 Ways to Avoid Ticks in the Summer

Summer weather brings people outdoors, where activities like hiking and gardening are enjoyed. Tick bites, unfortunately, are also brought out by the summer weather and can latch onto you, potentially spreading diseases.

One of the most commonly caught diseases from ticks is Lyme disease, which affects about 300,000 people around the United States every year. There are other diseases you may catch from tick bites, which is why preventing them is so important.

Steps for tick prevention highland il residents can take include repelling them, staying in full sun, and being vigilant.


The use of insecticides has been shown to repel ticks. One substance to keep in mind is permethrin, which can kill adult ticks along with their larvae. Clothing can be treated with permethrin, which protects the skin and keeps ticks from latching onto you.

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DEET, which is a chemical often used in bug sprays, is not effective against ticks and will not prevent bites.


You don’t need to be outdoors to get bitten by a tick – they can be present in your backyard or even in your home. Children may also be susceptible to bites as they run around and play, so it is essential to watch out for ticks when the weather is warm.

Check children and animals for ticks when they come inside from playing outdoors and reduce habitats for ticks.


Nymphs need moist, shady areas to survive. For this reason, you can often find tick habitats in leaf and wood piles. They may also be present in tall grass, where blades of grass provide shade. You can prevent tick bites by staying out of areas where they would congregate.

You may also consider altering your landscape by reducing shade and eliminating optimal conditions for ticks.

Prevent tick bites this summer by using repellents, being vigilant, and staying out of shaded areas as much as possible.

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